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How To Delivery Free Things In Kartra

September 07, 20222 min read

How To Deliver Something For Free
Using Kartra

It’s spoken of quite a bit - “How do I give away something for free” in Kartra.

Before we get into the nitty gritty, let’s define a few things, shall we?

  • Product = The exchange of dollars for something (see where the title of this article is already wrong)

  • Membership = A password protected (or not) area to keep stuff (super misleading because it doesn’t have to be a membership, but no one asked me.)

  • Forms = Used to collect information

  • Automations = The tools to make magic happen

Ok, back to giving away something for free, say a freebie opt in to build your list, or a course level as a sample. Now, this WAS the case (all products in Kartra used to require a check out price of a minimum of $1), that has since changed and now technically can have $0 products.

DO NOT GIVE IN TO TEMPTATION. More on that later.

For that free thing use a form! Voila.

Here’s some examples:

  • Want to give a free download - Use a form “Free Download:, and then as the starting rule to the sequence use: Completes form “Free Download”.

  • Want to give a free level to your “membership” Use a form “Free Membership Level” AND pair it with an automation, When lead fills out form, grant access to membership level - FREE. Voila

Now I promised the why not to use the tempting products here. Let’s pretend for a moment you scrolling Facebook and you come across an ad for something for free,

yes, let’s do it, you say.

You go to the opt in page and put your info in, and then it asks you for a credit card number.

Wait a minute you think, I thought this was free, but you do it anyway, and then you get a $1 charge on your card.

CUE instant disappointment in the person you just had an awful experience with.

It’s $1 - I hear you - that’s not the point, the point is the principle behind it. That $1 charge falls off in a couple days, but by then you’re over it and the one who “sold” you a free thing for $1. And I never want that person to be you.

See the soap box version of this in Community of Kartra Users Facebook Group. It’s the very first thing discussed.

Check out this Instagram Video on the same subject -

Jessica Scotten

Jessica is a Kartra Top Expert and Certified Master Marketer with a focus on developing amazing systems that work 24 hours a day.

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