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Pricing Options in Kartra

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October 16, 20222 min read

When it comes to creating your product pricing in Kartra there are four main choices:

  • One Time

  • Recurring

  • Installments

  • Recurring Installments

Let's take a look at each of those options and the features of each of them

One Time - This is a one time payment. This payment will not be repeated

  • Example - Instant Downloads, Instant Access, Paid In Full Offerings, Single Coaching Sessions

Recurring - These are payments that repeat until they are cancelled by the customer. You can set them to be:

  • Weekly

  • Every 2 Weeks

  • Monthly (most common)

  • Quarterly

  • Yearly (most common)

  • Every 2 Years

  • Examples: Memberships, Monthly ongoing coaching

Installments - These are a defined number of payments, think like a payment plan. You can set payments to recur at

  • Weekly

  • Every 2 Weeks

  • Monthly (most common)

  • Quarterly

  • Yearly

  • Every 2 Year

  • Examples: Multiple payments to pay for a product, Multiple payments for larger investments,

  • 🍍Pro Tip: YOU ARE NOT A BANK. Your installments are a risk you and your business take, and sometimes require more admin behind the scenes. You should be charging MORE for an installment pricing

Recurring Installments - is the combination of recurring and installments. These would be installments that recur.

IMPORTANT: This is considered an complex payment structure and should not be used if you are using paypal as a payment processor. (see more about why you shouldn't accept paypal)

You can set the number of installments and when it recurs.

  • Weekly

  • Every 2 weeks

  • Monthly

  • Every 2 Months


  • Every Year

  • Every 2 Years

4 installments, monthly, every year. Would charge the client 4 times, monthly and repeat yearly.

Personal note: At the time of this writing, I have been working with clients in Kartra for 5 years and we have never used this pricing model.

THEN you have more choices!

Enable Initial Payment - This is like a trial or a first payment. They can follow your payment structure (all of the above). You can set your Initial payment period to:

  • # Days

  • # Weeks

  • # Months

  • # Years

Examples: $1/30 Day Trial THEN $49/Month (recurring). $150/2 Months + Start Up Fee Then $50 Month (recurring)

Default Price - This appears in the market place and affiliate areas, set this to be your most common (or preferred) selling price.

Instant vs. Delayed Cancellation - I love this newer feature! On Recurring, Installments, and Recurring Installments you can choose how you want cancellation to happen.(In the connected membership areas)

  • Instant - As soon as people choose to cancel, they are removed from the membership area.

  • Delayed - When they choose to cancel, they will retain access until "the money runs out" and then be removed at the end of their billing cycle. If you have annual billing, someone can purchase, cancel and keep access until the end of the year.

Jessica Scotten

Jessica is a Kartra Top Expert and Certified Master Marketer with a focus on developing amazing systems that work 24 hours a day.

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