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STOP Emailing Your Leads Like This | Part 2

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September 14, 20221 min read

Stop Emailing Your Leads Like This

Part 2

Here is another way to NOT manage your audience in Kartra

I just got an email from someone I opted in or purchased something from.

I WAS ON/IN 27 lists/sequences. Then I unsubscribed from all of them.

Twenty Seven.

When it comes to lists and sequences in Kartra your audience can see what lists/sequences they are subscribed to and can unsubscribe from them.

In real human terms- when you email someone and they click the unsubscribe/edit details at the bottom of the email they go to a page that looks like the attached image. And you can't change it (or that awful green color 1 – but alas).

Some of these sequences/list names were things like

  • XX Day Clear Out

  • Broadcast List MONTH YEAR

  • ABCD 5DC Day 1

  • Lead Magnet Welcome Sequence

Names of lists/sequences to me, as the expert, scream the internal name BUT not the public display name

That public display name is for your audience, the subscriber to see what I they are actually getting from you that make me way to stay a subscriber.

I HIGHLY Recommend only adding people to lists as they are needed (the fewer the better), and unsubscribe people from sequences when they are done getting the messages

Great List Names

  • Kartra Tips and Tricks from Jessica Scotten | Pineapple Relations (It's my Master List with all subscribers)

  • Important MEMBERSHIP NAME Updates | Jessica Scotten | Pineapple Relations (It's my member list)

  • VIP Access To COURSE NAME | Jessica Scotten | Pineapple Relations (It's my list of people who purchased a course)

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Jessica Scotten

Jessica is a Kartra Top Expert and Certified Master Marketer with a focus on developing amazing systems that work 24 hours a day.

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