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Testing With A Fresh Email Address In Kartra

September 07, 20221 min read

Using Google's 'Unlimited Alias' Feature for Seamless Testing In Kartra

If you have tried testing your new system or funnel in Kartra with the same email address you've been using since middle school OR are running out of email addresses - this solution is for you!

It's a Google Email Feature that instantly creates an alias! (Now this one works with Google email addresses (Free and paid), and Kartra but if you are using other services check this for you.

You can add a + and ANYTHING YOU WANT after the plus sign to your email address between where your email address ends and the @domain begins.

Here's how it would look
(Remove all spaces)

You @ domain. com < this is your base email address

you+1 @domain .com < would be an instant alias.

Google does not read anything past the + and will deliver it to you @ domain. com
Kartra however reads the entire thing and will think it's a new lead.

CNet goes into detail here about this "unlimited alias" feature and many other awesome Google Mail Tricks.

Check it out in video on Instagram -

Jessica Scotten

Jessica is a Kartra Top Expert and Certified Master Marketer with a focus on developing amazing systems that work 24 hours a day.

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