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Game Changer

Working with Pineapple Relations has been a game-changer for my organization. Not only did Jessica create something beautiful, she also created something powerful that has so many capabilities that will expand my organization's reach, serve my members and generate revenue so that we can have even more impact.

Amy Evans

Founder, AlignWomen

...More Than Doubled

Jessica is a dream to work with. She has a streamlined process that is quick and purposeful. Besides being personable and lovely to work with, she took my business to the next level by building membership sites that are simple and beautiful. Teaching me how to work the sites is her superpower. She is patient and explains things clearly so making the monthly changes are easy and fast. I am so grateful I hired Jessica to build my Kartra sites. My business has more than doubled and my confidence has gone through the roof. Thank you Jess. You are a miracle worker!!

Jodi Takhar RTC, CHt

Families Do Recover



Highly Recommended

Working with Pineapple Relations exceeded my expectations. In the past I've worked with other designers specifically on Kartra and they did not communicate as well and as often. Jessica and her team were timely and professional the entire time, followed instructions, and kept me updated. Great experience, I will definitely be working with them again and if you're thinking about using Pineapple Relations just put in your deposit now before she's too backed up!

Michelle Dupuis

I love working with Jessica. She knows Kartra platform inside and out. I have worked on multiple projects with her in the past and she always overdelivers. She needs minimal instructions and gets work done quickly and with high quality. I also love how organized she is with pre-work and post projects. Working with Jessica is easy, valuable and she has an eye for critical details and design ideas. I highly recommend.

anya soto

CEO of Culture Crafters

Working with Jessica has been a game changer for my Recipe Club membership! Without her expertise I wouldn't be able to serve my clients as well as I do and I certainly wouldn't be seeing the rate of growth that I'm seeing. I consider Jessica a part of my "team" and look forward to a long working relationship.

kelsey nixon

Recipe Club

Kartra was quite overwhelming when getting started, I didn’t have the ‘tech knowledge” and I was spending a lot of time going NOWHERE in moving by business forward. One session with Jess and I have some steady forward momentum, and my overwhelmed moved to empowered, looking forward to learning more from Jess in the future.

kim m

Raising Her Vibration

You were so easy, professional & accommodating. It was a pleasure to meet up with you & you have made this whole process so enjoyable!

[The system] will add value to what I can offer & clients can continue to learn even when we are not sitting in a session together.

Since working together I have increased my reach to support more clients than I can see on a one to one capacity - which is already happening!

alex field

Jessica is a great addition to your business strategy and solutions. She is efficient with your time and very professional! Her ability to explain how to complete things is user friendly and easy to follow. If you are looking for someone to help you get your online business in gear, let Pineapple Relations be your pick.

caroline wong

Tru North Tribe

I was in a real tech jam and at my wit's end in the midst of trying to launch my very first course when I was lucky enough to connect with Jessica. She was so gracious and wonderful with her time, patiently and energetically walking me step by step through troubleshooting in a way I have always dreamed someone would. I felt so taken care of and she solved all of my problems within an hour of her time! When there were still loose ends, she devoted the time to tackle the problem until she was sure that everything was fixed, leaving me feeling supported and light. I couldn't thank you more for your expertise and kindness, Jessica!

sivanne lieber

Jessica and Pineapple Relations are a great resource for online business owners. Get the help with you need, and how you need it.


Jessica Scotten is an excellent website and landing page designer. She understands internet marketing and how to design and sequence for success. Jessica is a joy to work with. She is reliable, focused and brings her A game to every meeting. She will inspire you to do the same! Thank you Jessica!

dr. ambrose

Jessica took the time and worked me when I got "stuck". Watching her do the work, helped me understand the why and how better than just watching a video. She was quick to respond to my messages and helped talk me through what was going to work best for my business. This wasn't a cookie cutter process

mary fin brandt

CEO and Founder of

Mary Fain Brandt Coaching and Consulting

People should know that they are in great hands when working with Jessica. She is very patient with the technologically illiterate, like myself, and she works hard to make sure that you understand the process. She is organized, attentive to detail and very efficient in completing the project. I highly recommend Jessica for creating your next online program.

dr. heather krebsbach

I would highly recommend working with Jessica. I just couldn't have asked for a more professional website wizard from start to finish. She definitely delivers and you feel completely taken care of. And she delivers on time to boot! Just an amazing experience from start to finish. I just can't say enough great things about my experience with Jessica. If you're thinking of hiring her DO IT! It will be the best decision for you and your business. Thanks again Jessica for your professionalism and follow-through!

sara skamnes

Jessica was a pleasure to work with. Her knowledge of Kartra blew my mind. The tools she uses to manage her projects made it really easy to follow and stay on top of tasks, as well as know where things were at with the project. It was like all the hard thinking had already been done. I would definitely recommend, and I would use her again in the future - like she says, she doesn't expect us to be the mechanic, but she does want us to know how to operate the vehicle properly and safely. I feel this was definitely achieved, but that I might need a (Kartra) mechanic in the future for certain things, but basic maintenance and use I feel confident in now.

carel smith

ARO Solutions Ltd

Jessica and Pineapple Relations are absolutely spectacular. [She] saved us! Mid-launch and moving to a new software system!! I had NO IDEA how much was involved until I was too deep in to find my way back out. Pineapple Relations to the rescue. Fast, thorough, and incredibly organized. Super easy to work with. Our pages are converting and sales are coming in! I feel so confident knowing I have a team I can call and count on. We'll be working with Pineapple Relations again and again.

amber lyda

The Online Therapy Academy

Jessica did a great job of taking my ideas and creating beautiful landing pages. Everything works well so beautifully! She's great to work with, responsive and very knowledgeable. Kartra is new to me and I knew immediately she's a great teacher. So glad I reached out to Jessica!


So grateful that I found Jessica and her support! She has given me so much confidence as I take the big leap into my new entrepreneurial skills.

shannon k

Jessica exceeded my expectations. I was initially impressed with how organized she was, it made me feel at ease that nothing was going to be overlooked or forgotten. I love the fact that she listened to my needs and wants and did her own research on different systems we could integrate into my website to maximize efficiency thus lightening my everyday work load. I also loved that she thought about everything throughly and how it would translate across all my social media platforms! My website looks fantastic and I’ve gotten so many compliments! I highly recommend working with Jessica- detail oriented 5 stars!!!!


Jessica is a friggin rock star! She really added so much value to my business automation. For anyone looking to move to a beautiful new platform or need some technical biz help, she has a wealth of information and a great eye for detail.

angie uhle

Nourished Holistic

Pineapple Relations is an excellent source for help and support fo KARTRA and help growing one’s business.

reverend betsy

Working with Jessica continues to be an absolute pleasure. She is reliable, dependable, and most important really cares about making your website the best it can be and helping your business be as professional and user friendly as possible. She explains the process and the tech stuff in layman language so that we can understand and has the patience to work with people who do not know the language of web design. She is perfect for first timers!

s f

I'm so grateful to have found Jess and to have connected with her. I felt supported and listened to every step of the way and could not be happier with the end result! I've worked with other tech-savvy people who while very knowledgable, simply don't get me or what I truly want. That was not the case working with Jess. I truly enjoyed working with her because she brought the perfect combination of technical skills AND was intent on hearing what I wanted. If what I envisioned wouldn't necessarily work the way I imagined it might, she gracefully provided alternative solutions to make it happen. I highly recommend working with her!

elsa perez dean

Pineapple Relations is worth every penny you will spend. It's deep dive into creating a practical and detailed plan to organize your business, offers and set your online business for long-term growth.

iris culp

I give Jessica my highest, unreserved recommendation. If you are serious about wanting to learn from the best, get the task at-hand done, and be successful in your marketing and sales efforts, I suggest that you don't hesitate to schedule that first call with her.

robert carpenter,

Health Dynamics

My project is so important to me. Pineapple Relations helped me to turn my unscalable coaching business into a scalable, powerful tool! If you don't have the time or the money DO IT ANYWAY! Get on her schedule. You will thank yourself. Build a structure that will let you take a vacation and share your gifts with the world!

amber debarge

Come As You Are LLC

Everything about working with Jessica was amazing. How clear she was about her process made it so easy to be clear about mine. She was patient, and generous with her time and expertise (what do I know about what works best for a website?). Build week was wild, exciting and moved quickly and smoothly. She prepared me for everything that was going to happen, including the resistance and overwhelm I was going to experience, so when it did, there were no surprises. Jessica was as personable as she was professional.

I could not recommend her highly enough.

dave gieselman,

Founder of Become Limitless LLC

Jessica helped me bring my launch to life with ease and guidance with every step along the way. She's efficient, professional, timely and really has a gift for tackling big projects in a short period of time! I'm thrilled with her work!

megan g.

The Planner's Vault

If you need someone who can take your business to do list and make it a done list fast, with precision AND with love, Jessica is for you. I would recommend Jessica to anyone and everyone- she is the best bridge between ideas and getting sh*t done!I could not recommend her highly enough.

shari d tigman

Pineapple Relations is now my go to firm when developing Kartra programs and membership portals. They make the process understandable, manageable, and fun. I highly recommend Jess and her team!

rhodes perry

Founder + CEO, Belonging at Work

Working with Pineapple Relations exceeded my expectations. In the past I've worked with other designers specifically on Kartra and they did not communicate as well and as often. Jessica and her team were timely and professional the entire time, followed instructions, and kept me updated. Great experience, I will definitely be working with them again and if you're thinking about using Pineapple Relations just put in your deposit now before she's too backed up!

odell a. bizzell ii

Professional Speaker, Coach, & Author

Working with Jess has been amazing! She is so efficient and good at what she does. I had harsh deadlines and Jess was able to meet every one of them, which was so important to me. She worked diligently and was super nice to answer all of my questions! Communication is also important to me which was top notch throughout the whole process. I would 100% recommend hiring Jess for your next Kartra project!!!

ryann kipping

The Prenatal Nutritionist

Hands down, best business decision I have ever made. I thought I would only need just the one service of a 5 day free challenge set up in Kartra but now I am wanting to come back for more! She blow it out of the water, did the whole set up in Kartra in literally less than a day!

So beyond impressed and can't wait to work with Jessica again!

alyssa lang

Workflow Queen

Jessica helped me fix a problem quickly that had cost me weeks in time and money when my Kartra Sales Page was not working correctly. She solved it in a few minutes and it was worth every penny.

melanie warner

Defining Moments

My experience having my sales page for a digital product updated was a very good one. I loved the ideas and resources provided.


Wellbeing Messenger

We were at a very basic level of understanding and had no way of knowing how to start with our new Kartra platform and to see how that could integrate with our Squarespace website. We now understand the process and how everything connects because of Jess's coaching.

laura & dave b.

WorkLife Coaching

Pineapple Relations went above and beyond to help make my ideas a reality with my business. I give them five stars and will use them again for future projects.

cyndi b.

Jessica knowledge of Kartra is unbelievable. She can easily and clearly navigate you where to click and how to finish your funnel without feeling that this is the most difficult thing in the world. She makes it looks easier with her explanation. Jessica is very fast with her responses and overall if you need a PRO for funnel building then you have her and her team RIGHT HERE! Thank you for all your support!

marta dvorakova

Social Social Media Management

Working with Jessica made my life a million times easier, and her services have paid for themselves many times over. I am a full-time teacher, mother (of a toddler!), and wife, and thanks to her, I was able to focus my limited time and energy on creating the actual content for my new membership, rather than trying to figure out all of the tech and how to actually put it together. Before our time together ended, she also made sure that I was able to continue on my own and upload my monthly content with ease.


Maternelle avec Mme Andera

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