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let's do this - and fast

Ready to get more Kartra accomplished in one day than you have in months?

Simplify Kartra and

Schedule Your Launch

Your copy is amazing. Your content is ready to go. You have a great plan.

Somehow, the tech still got in the way… even though you’re using Kartra…

(Wait, wasn’t that supposed to be the “easy button”?)

How are you supposed to launch if you can’t even get one part of your funnel working?

Maybe your funnel “research” has become a full-blown case of funnel envy.

Don’t worry. It’s not just you.

Most business owners get stuck in the la-la land of tech.

You’d never run a 500-person event without a production company, but you’re going to try and sell to 500 new customers with

just you, your executive assistant, and your community manager?

Here's why it is hard

You are not a tech professional.

You are amazing at what YOU do, and what you bring to the world.

The behind the scenes technical part of Kartra is

OUTSIDE your normal day- to-day business operations.

And in order to bring your launch dreams to life, there’s a bit of Kartra Tech skill needed. It’s not hard, but it is complicated and detail oriented. Going it alone is going to take time, patience, and a learning curve.

That's time that you don't have since your "ideal launch date" has been moved three times already!

Here at Pineapple Relations, I'm dedicated to helping you get those things done so you can get back to doing what you do best.


"Game Changer"

Working with Pineapple Relations has been a game-changer for my organization. Not only did Jessica create something beautiful, she also created something powerful that has so many capabilities that will expand my organization's reach, serve my members and generate revenue so that we can have even more impact

Amy Evans

Founder of AlignWomen

Whether this is your first (or 27th) launch, the process

is the same because, well...

it just works.

It's the

and it’s my VIP Day approach to getting your Kartra sh*t done – and fast.

first step: Let's Chat

Schedule a call with me to chat about the details of your VIP Day. We’ll discuss your goals and how we can achieve them - fast.

Second step: SCHEDULE & PRE-WORK

Schedule your VIP Day. Then complete your pre-work. I’ll review all of your answers ahead of time, so if there are any questions we can get very clear on anything that will need additional details before work begins.


We’ll meet in the morning to kick off the day. Then we will and regroup after lunch. I’ll be on Zoom and laser focused all day exclusively on your project all day. So feel free to pop in any time. I do ask that you be available on our VIP Day and ready to respond to any questions I have or decisions I may need you to make.


We regroup at the end of the day for a debrief and delivery session that reviews all the work that was done, and a full tour of what was created for you.

I currently offer Pineapple Express Lane VIP Days for Kartra users interested in getting one of the following things done- and fast...

Course /







Live Launches




Next Level

Jessica is a dream to work with. She has a streamlined process that is quick and purposeful. Besides being personable and lovely to work with, she took my business to the next level by building membership sites that are simple and beautiful. Teaching me how to work the sites is her superpower.

Jodi Takhar, RTC, CHt

You Can Also Have These Amazing Results

In addition to all that, I also offer these

extra’s to my Pineapple Express Lane clients.

One hour Pre-Work session to get super clear on the deliverables

We'll meet on zoom and review what we are going to accomplish on your VIP Day. We'll make a plan together, share account log-ins, establish a Google Drive Folder, and set up our Slack channel. We'll also schedule your VIP Day - if you are ready. This is a detailed call that will ensure your VIP Day is the most productive it can be.

extra one

extra two

One hour Recorded VIP Day delivery session

At the end of your VIP Day, we meet on Zoom, and we go over exactly everything that has been built for you, and I give you a full understanding of your new system, how it works, how to make any adjustments you may want to make in the future, and how to "Drive the Bus". This call is recorded for you and your team, and you are welcome to invite anyone from your team to join this call for the lesson.

Customized Loom recording of your new system

In addition to the live training and recording, if there are any additional questions, on "How do I..." or "Where would I...". I'll record personalized Loom's for you to refer back to at anytime.

extra Three

extra FOUR

Four weeks of bonus Slack + Loom support following your VIP Day

Access to our Slack Channel for four weeks after your VIP Day. This is message and Loom support for any questions that may come up. I'm here for you every step of the way.

Are you the next amazing business owner I get to partner with?

Let’s find out!

I only have two VIP Day spots available each week.

I'd love to see what your project is and if I am the right person to partner with you.

Let's chat soon so that we can both get all of our questions answered.

submit your application today!

Pineapple Relations


in 2016

Meet Jess:

I am a Top Kartra Expert, and Certified Master Marketer, currently making my mark on the internet working exclusively with users of Kartra software. My business, Pineapple Relations, has built the Learning Library, which has dedicated over 100 unique trainings for the DIY Kartra users, and founded The Community of Kartra Users Private Facebook Group.

My work has enabled many businesses to move their businesses online, grow and scale by building out profitable, beautiful, online systems that allow them to work smarter and rely on automated systems to reduce many of the manual tasks in their day to day business marketing.

Today I am working one on one with business owners to deliver faster online systems, recognizing and understanding the need to get things done, done well, and quickly.

I am a featured Kartra Top Expert, as recognized by Kartra (Genesis Digital), A Funnel Gorgeous Certified Master Marketer, Kartra Community Member of the Month (September 2021) and been featured on numerous business and marketing podcasts such as Flip Your Marketing Flops, Superwoman Soul, VA Tips, Tricks + Advice, and The Styled Mind, and was a top 10 Launch Gorgeous participant for Spring 2022.

Want to see some of my happy clients?

I'm so grateful to have found Jess and to have connected with her. I felt supported and listened to every step of the way and could not be happier with the end result! I've worked with other tech-savvy people who while very knowledgable, simply don't get me or what I truly want. That was not the case working with Jess. I truly enjoyed working with her because she brought the perfect combination of technical skills AND was intent on hearing what I wanted. If what I envisioned wouldn't necessarily work the way I imagined it might, she gracefully provided alternative solutions to make it happen. I highly recommend working with her!

Elsa Perez Dean

Jessica and Pineapple Relations are absolutely spectacular. [She] saved us! Mid-launch and moving to a new software system!! I had NO IDEA how much was involved until I was too deep in to find my way back out. Pineapple Relations to the rescue. Fast, thorough, and incredibly organized. Super easy to work with. Our pages are converting and sales are coming in! I feel so confident knowing I have a team I can call and count on. We'll be working with Pineapple Relations again and again.

Amber Lyda

The Online Therapy Academy

Ayo Fayemi-Robinson