what i do here...

your personal and custom Kartra agency


Strategic Sessions



Get Un-Stuck

Learn Something New

Brainstorm An Idea

Work Out An Idea

Recordable Zoom Session + Screen Sharing

1:1 Strategic Kartra Sessions

You + Me, Your Kartra Top Expert For a

1:1 Goal Focused Session

Designed to help you learn something or correct a problem.

Feel free to invite your team.

You can recorded these calls to reference going forward.

Vip days



One full day dedicated to your business.

It's time to move from to-do to done.

What Can Accomplish In A Day:

Sales Page


Funnel (Evergreen/Small Offers)

Affiliate Set Up

Live Launch

Write Your Own VIP Day (Training)

VIP Days

Ready to make your vision a reality - done for you services

Does this sound like you:

  • You've spent countless hours searching Facebook Groups and Youtube trying to figure out one thing...
  • You just don't have the time to build/create your next {fill in the blank}...
  • You need that thing done ASAP...
  • Your launch date keeps getting move "just one more month"...

I've sent years learning and mastering Kartra so you don't have to. Let's schedule your VIP Day today.

Fast lane

Let's Get You Set Up And Ready To Rock


Everything Connected

List Imported

Full Tour of Kartra

Everything You Need To Get A Great Start

Fast Lane Set Up

We'll get everything hooked up, working properly AND get you a full tour of everything your account does - all in two hours.

Are you:

  • Brand new to Kartra (even if you've had it for a while but aren't using it yet)...
  • Think about getting going on Kartra often, but just have too much to do....
  • Want a tour behind the scenes and an understanding of what everything Kartra can do so you know how to maximize all the amazing features...
  • Can spend just 2 hours with me on Zoom to learn your account

Rock Star

Jessica is a friggin rock star! She really added so much value to my business automation. For anyone looking to move to a beautiful new platform or need some technical biz help, she has a wealth of information and a great eye for detail.

Angie Uhle

Nourished Holistic

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